Categories for Annual Review I

In this module, we will discuss a few different categories or criteria that can be included in your annual review.  First, we will learn about company missions and values.  Next, we will review customer service and quality control, and problem solving.   Lastly, we will address annual reviews and production. 

Company Mission and Values

Every company has its own set of values and a mission.  Adding these to your annual review process just helps make sure that everyone is on the same track.  Your company spent the time to come up with its mission and the values, so it is obviously important. A mission is a short paragraph that outlines your company’s goals and the values behind them.  A company’s values help make shape the mission.  A value is a company’s standard of behavior for its employees. Depending on the type of company you have, there could be many different values that you would want to instill in your employees. Here are some examples of company values:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Creative 
  • Respect

Customer Service and Quality Control

Customer service and quality control are two very integral items for every company to master.  Customer service is guidance or assistance given by employees of a company to a consumer.  Here are some examples of commonly needed customer service skills:

  • Be attentive to the customer.
  • Be patient with the customer.
  • Be able to communicate clearly with the customer.
  • Be knowledgeable about the service or product.
  • Be mindful of deadlines and timeframes.
  • Be flexible.

Quality control is a structure that regulates the standard of quality.  Quality control can be implemented in all facets of a company.  Here are some examples of quality control:

  • A fast food manager testing the temperature of a food product.
  • A computer company testing ever 20th microchip to make sure they are in working order.
  • A report analyst reviewing the material of a report before turning it in to their supervisor.
  • A shipping specialist verifying a large order with a customer before charging and shipping that order.
  • A cookie company checking for broken or burnt cookies before packaging.
  • A pharmacy tech double checking the patient’s name and date of birth before giving a prescription to a customer.

Problem – Solving/Judgment

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Employees who are great problem – solvers and show good judgment are an asset to any company.  You want to instill these qualities in your employees if at all possible, and you can do that by adding it as a category to your annual review.  Employees who show good judgment can point out problems before they exist.  Allowing those employees to use their problem-solving skills helps the company as a whole. Although it is crucial for the supervisor to have keen problem-solving skills, it is equally important for the employees who report to you to have this skill because they have greater insight into various issues of the day-to-day tasks. 


Production is another category you can include in your annual employee review.  Production has three major components; accuracy, thoroughness, and effectiveness.  This could relate to the employee creating merchandise, processing data, and much more.  A company wants its employees to complete their job with accuracy, because mistakes can cost a company much more than a little extra time on an employee’s check. For example, you wouldn’t want your accountant putting the wrong numbers into your budget.  This could mean you think you have spent more or less money than what is available.

A company also wants their employees to act with thoroughness.  This means that they are taking the time to look over everything before continuing on with their task.  When your mechanic puts your car back together, you don’t want to end up with extra parts.  

Lastly, employees should work with effectiveness in mind.  Effectiveness means they are creating / delivering their product or services successfully, maintaining quality and staying within the desired time parameters.  

Case Study

Katrina and Lillian are star employees at The Dust-Off Cleaning Co.  They embody the values of the company; compassion, patience, and honesty.  They give excellent customer service, and always do a thorough job.  They do their jobs quickly but still maintain the quality standards that are given to them by the company.  When a problem arises, they are quick to come up with a reasonable solution.  They often get high marks on their annual reviews, and it is apparent that they enjoy their jobs.