Meaningful Questions to Gauge Employee Happiness I

In the end, employee reviews lead to happier employees.  Happier employees mean better productivity for your company.  In these next two modules, we will discuss some of the ways to help keep your employees happy.

 Ask Questions Frequently

Just as you want your employees to feel like they can ask you questions, you need to be able to do the same.  Asking questions is the best way to get the answers you’re seeking. It seems so simple, right?  Making it a practice to frequently ask your employees questions about all aspects of their job helps you gauge employee engagement.  Asking questions also helps you understand any problems your employees are having, and allows you to fix any issues you can.  

How Transparent is Management?

Another way to keep happy employees is to ask, how transparent is management?  When employees feel like management is hiding information, they can start feeling disengaged.  No one wants to be lied to, or feel like they are being left out of the ‘loop.’  Employees have a right to know what is going on within the company, and that knowledge will only make them work harder for you and your company.  When you don’t include employees in knowing what is going on with the company, they start to feel like their contributions are not important.  Your job turnover rate will increase, while productivity declines.  

Rate Quality of Facility?

The next question to ask your staff is for them to rate the quality of the facility.  It sounds a little odd, but you have to remember that most of us spend an average 40 hours or more per week at work.  That is a lot of time to spend in one place!  If the facility is not up to par, that could make your employees feel like they are not important.  Keeping the facility clean and in good working order is important.  Making sure that you have a place for employees to go to that they feel safe in, is even more important.  While those are two criteria for a workplace, you should also factor in aesthetics.  If the beige wall color is making people feel depressed, why not change it to a calming green?  Ask your employees what they would like, or what would make them feel better about showing up to work.  A lot of changes are simple and inexpensive, but will give you better productivity and more profits.

Contributing Factors to Work Easier?

Hopefully as a supervisor you understand what goes into your employees’ jobs.  While that knowledge is important, if you don’t do the job every day, you are lacking insight.  Many companies hire someone to come in and give suggestions on how to make work easier and more efficient.  That may be helpful, but it’s a lot cheaper, and you will get better results by asking your employees.  Asking your employees what contributing factors they suggest that would make work easier is an easy way to gain insight into their jobs.   Your employees do this job every day.  They can tell you what in the processes are and aren’t working.  They can suggest better programs, procedures, electronic devices, etc.  If the work is easier, then the productivity can increase. 

Case Study

Vera and Yessenia have been working for the Perfect Pitch Bagpipe Company for the past 8 years.  They were hired at the same time and have become very close.  Yessenia and Vera are often asked by their boss if they can think of any ways to improve the processes they have in place.  The company is wanting to soon expand into bagpipe cases and accessories.  The management staff has been very forthcoming with its employees about the changes they are wanting to make.  This makes Vera and Yessenia feel like they are really part of a great team.