Meaningful Questions to Gauge Employee Happiness II

We discussed some of the ways you can make sure your employees stay happy.  We talked about the importance of asking questions, and keeping management transparent. The importance of having a good facility, and asking employees to contribute their input on making better the processes in the company were also examined. In this module, we will review more ways you can keep your employees happy.

What makes you Productive?

Often times as supervisors, we rack our brains about how to increase productivity.  Sometimes we even have third party consultants come in to give suggestions on how to increase productivity. Those consultants have their merit, but can be a big expense to the company.   It seems silly to incur such an expense when the answer could be right in front of you. It’s important to remember that your employees are your most prized resource.  Who better to know what motivates them, than the employees?  Take the time to ask your employees what makes them productive.  They can be very effective in coming up with ideas, and different ways to raise productivity.  


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We all know how important employee recognition is.  Employee recognition helps keep your employees happy, and engaged in their jobs.  When you have happy employees, you have healthy profits!  One of the easiest, and best ways to check if your employees are receiving good recognition is to ask them.  You can run fancy reports, but it’s easier and quicker to just ask the question. Typically, employees will gladly tell you if they feel like they are being recognized for good performance. 

Opportunities to Grow and Advance?

Another question to ask your employees is if they feel like you have given them opportunities to grow and advance in their careers.  Not many people want to stay in the same job for the rest of their lives.  Most of us want to ‘climb up the ladder’ and strive for advanced success.  Opportunities for growth and advancement can mean many different things.  Here are a few different types of opportunities you could offer:

  • Additional job training
  • Cross training
  • Paying for an employee to obtain a certificate
  • Paying for an employee to obtain a college degree
  • Allowing an employee to advance to another career

Confidence in Leadership?

Last, but not least, ask your employees if they have confidence in the leadership.  We talk a lot about giving employees feedback, and how it’s important.  Feedback helps employees know what they are doing well and what they need to work on.  Asking your employees if they are confident in their leadership helps you understand what they want from their leadership team.  You can use their suggestions to become a better supervisor. When you have reached your full potential as a boss, employees feel safe.  Job safety helps retain employment, which reduces job turnover costs, saving the company a lot of money.   Just as you want your employees to do their best, they want you to do your best.  Your job is to keep them happy and productive, and it can be a major issue if you are unsuccessful.  You are their boss, yes, but you can improve just as they can.

Case Study

Howard is a newer employee at the Honey Tree Driving Range.  He really enjoys his job and loves working for his boss, Chuck.  Chuck is always checking in with Howard and asking his opinion on things.  Howard really feels like an important part of the team because Chuck seems to value his opinion.  Recently, Chuck asked how Howard felt about how he was doing as a boss.  Howard had a lot of positive remarks to tell Chuck.  He told Chuck that he enjoyed the feedback that Chuck gave him, and he feels like he gets a lot of recognition.  He also enjoys all of the opportunities he is given to grow and learn as an employee.