Create Customers

It is important that you do more than close sales. You should attempt to create a loyal customer base. Customers have relationships and feel connected to businesses. By showing interest, being professional, and being reliable, you will soon find that leads appreciate your business and become loyal clients and customers.

Develop Relationships

The customer relationship is like any other. The relationship requires time and energy to develop and maintain or it withers. Contact your customers regularly, and always address them by name. This does not need to be face to face. Send out emails or connect on social media. Additionally, it is a good idea to seek feedback from customers to create a dialogue. Customer rewards are another method of relationship development. 

Customer Rewards:

  • Coupons
  • Rewards programs
  • Birthday cards
  • Friends and family promotions

Show Genuine Interest

Customer relationships turn sour when salespeople do not show genuine interest. People do not want to feel like they are viewed as walking debit cards. You will improve customer relationships by showing genuine interest in them.

  • Be engaging: Ask customers personal details and remember them. Do not limit conversation to business. 
  • Anticipate: As you develop a relationship with your customer, you will learn how to anticipate and fulfill customer needs.
  • Follow up: Thank you notes and phone calls help customers feel appreciated and show your interest. 

Be Professional

While it is a good idea to be personable and inviting, you also need to remember to maintain your professionalism. 

Ways to improve professionalism:

  • Be courteous (say please and thank you)
  • Keep your private life to yourself
  • Dress appropriately for your position
  • Do not become too familiar (avoid off-color jokes and comments

Show Reliability and Integrity

Customers trust companies and individuals when they show reliability and integrity. Integrity displays morality and honesty. For example, a company that mislabels the price to the benefit of the customer will display integrity by honoring the price and taking the financial loss. 

Reliability means that the customer can expect a consistent experience when the dealing with your company. Your prices will be consistent and any changes explained and announced. Employees will all be courteous and attentive, and the quality of the service and product will be uniform time and time again.

Case Study

Rose was a new customer at Daisy’s florist. Her first purchase had gone smoothly. She placed another order, but she was informed that the flowers she wanted were not available due to a failed delivery. Daisy offered to give her a discount and place more expensive flowers in the arrangement to cover the inconvenience. Rose was initially disappointed, but she appreciated Daisy’s willingness to take a financial loss for something beyond her control. Rose placed a standing order for the next year.