Wrapping Up

Although this workshop is coming to a close, we hope that your journey to improve your Word 2016 Essentials skills is just beginning. Please take a moment to review and update your action plan. This will be a key tool to guide your progress in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. We wish you the best of luck on the rest of your travels. 

Words from the Wise 

We’d like to leave you with a few thoughts to accompany you on your Word 2016 Essentials learning journey. 

  • You can jumpstart document creation with templates. 
  • Give your document style with built-in styles, as well as character and paragraph formatting. 
  • Lists and tables point out important information. 
  • Word includes many different options for enhancing your documents with shapes and images. 
  • Give your documents a scholarly finish using references. 

Lessons Learned 

In this course, you have learned how to: 

  • Create a document 
  • Navigate Word 
  • Format page setup items 
  • Apply themes, style sheets and background items 
  • Change View and zoom options 
  • Print and save documents 
  • Insert and select text 
  • Edit text 
  • Format text with fonts, size and the format painter 
  • Format paragraph line spacing, paragraph spacing and indents 
  • Clear formatting 
  • Use styles and WordArt 
  • Break up text with page breaks, section breaks and columns 
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists 
  • Create and modify tables 
  • Insert and format graphic elements 
  • Enhance pictures 
  • Use SmartArt 
  • Create bookmarks and links 
  • Add a Table of Contents 
  • Add a cover page 
  • Use Footnotes and Endnotes 
  • Create and manage bibliography citation sources