New Marketing Methods

As technology changes, so do the marketing methods used. Some newer marketing methods, such as social networking, will be very familiar. Search engine marketing may be less so. When you combine the newer marketing methods with the traditional ones, you have the opportunity to make the most of your marketing strategies.

Social Networking

Social networking is commonplace in the modern world, and it is rapidly growing as a method of advertising. There are different methods of advertising in social media. First, you can advertise promotions directly to followers. Another method of advertising is placing ads on social media networks. Popular networks are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Advertising on social networks does cost, so it needs to be considered in the advertising budget. For example, you can promote tweets for a price or place ads on Facebook that target specific demographics. LinkedIn also offers company promotions or paid per click ads. Paid per click ads are more expensive than promotions.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) increases the visibility of your company online by advertising and optimizing the ranking in search engine results. SEM uses different services. Organic services are based on algorithms that assess different sites. Many people attempt to increase placement by padding the text with search terms. This can damage the quality of the writing and lower rankings. Search engine marketing also includes paid listing options to increase the placement ranking in search engines such as paid per click advertising. 

When using search engine marketing, you must know your audience and choose keywords they are likely to search. Implement the keywords throughout the text, but make sure that the text is well-written and the website structured correctly. Next, it is important to get the site indexed by Google and other search engines. The final step is implementing a pay per click program and measuring ROI to determine if any adjustments are necessary. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be very effective at generating leads. In order to reap the rewards of email marketing, you need to do more than send out mass emails. You need to craft emails that will be seen and inspire a response. There are a few things to remember when creating an email campaign:

  • Avoid typing in all caps and overusing buzzwords like FREE! These actions will increase the chance of the spam filter catching the email. 
  • Create a simple design someone is likely to read. Limit yourself to three fonts.
  • Include an incentive and call to action in visible placement.
  • Make the subject lines brief but compelling. There is no reason to make them over 30 words.
  • Make sure the landing page link works and is closely tied to the email.
  • Test the email.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an alternative to basic text advertising. These ads implement the use of videos and images. Display advertising includes the familiar banner ads as well as rich media, which incorporates text, video, and images. You will probably need the aid of an expert to create display advertising. Once the advertisement has been created, they should target specific demographics. You can assess the effectiveness of your ads and make adjustments as necessary. Your cost will depend on the advertising method you choose. 

Methods of advertising:

  • Cost per click: You pay when someone clicks the ad.
  • Cost per thousand impressions: You pay with every appearance of the ad.
  • Cost per acquisition: You only pay when there is a sale from the ad.

Like any other method of advertising, you must communicate a clear message to your customer. Useful tips for display advertising include: using a call to action, having ads that complement the website, and testing ad campaigns.

Case Study

Jon wants to market the company online, and he hires Gary to complete the project. Gary was given a small budget, and his bonus was based on being able to stay below the budget. He decided to focus on social network advertising, and email campaign, and display advertising. To save money, he did all of the work himself. Jon monitored the results over the next six months. The email campaign made a 20% ROI. The social network ads earned 10% ROI. The display advertising, however, lost money. Jon chose to end the display advertising campaign.